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NBS inventories dozens of childcare buses, daycare shuttle buses and church childcare vehicles at extremely competitive prices 12 months out of the year. National represents only the best manufacturer in the business, Starcraft. NBS has decades of experience working with many small centers as well as national names such as Primrose and Kids r Kids.

State and federal laws have rapidly changed over the past 5 years to encourage childcare and daycare centers to switch from vans to buses. These changes have prompted insurance agencies to raise premiums at the best case scenario and drop coverage at the worst case scenario. The bottom line is your childrens safety is our business, and we feel confident we can provide safe and affordable transportation at a price you can afford. View our childcare bus inventory here!

Childcare buses and daycare buses for Sale - New and Used!

Why National Bus Sales?

National Bus Sales represents a wide variety of manufacturers, chassis', optional equipment and seating arrangements. This means you can feel confident you are buying a bus to fit your specific requirements. No wasted space, no unnecessary options. National has the experience and knowledge of the market to help you find the right products at the right price for your transportation needs.

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